I specialize in puppy manners, problem solving and behavior modification, obedience training and dealing with aggression. After a private session conducted in your home, l will create a personalized plan based on your stated needs and my expert opinion. I will design and implement extended sessions if needed or desired, to be conducted in person or via Zoom. Please read further for detailed information.


Problem Behaviors

  • I will explain and demonstrate how to correct or eliminate common problems including jumping, nipping, chewing, pulling on the leash stealing food, bolting out of doors, and others.
  • Includes one in-home training session and a detailed written treatment plan.
  • Starting at $200

Puppy Manners and Training

  • I will show you how to avoid or correct unwanted, common behaviors in puppies, as well as how to train basic obedience.
  • Includes two in-home, one-hour sessions. Each lesson will review the previous week’s work and add a new command.
  • Includes a written treatment plan for each lesson.
  • Starting at $450

Intensive Training

  • This package is for people who want ongoing, sustained help.
  • Includes five one-hour sessions, in person or via Zoom, of practicing and reinforcing basic commands (sit, wait, down, stay, heel and come) as well as behavior modification for unwanted behaviors.
  • Includes written treatment plans.
  • Starting at $1100

Aggression Package

  • In the case of aggression, I consult with owner, diagnose the problem and its cause, prescribe a course of action. If the aggression is directed at strangers, I will participate.
  • Includes multiple sessions, to be decided depending on the type and level of aggression, the progress of the dog, and the comfort level of the owner; and detailed written treatment plans.
  • Cost: to be determined depending on number of sessions.