I specialize in puppy manners, problem solving and behavior modification. During a one-hour session at your home, I will observe your dog, consult with you about your goals and concerns, and recommend and demonstrate training techniques. Based on our consultation, I will write a highly specific treatment plan that I will email to you within two to three days.

Thereafter, you will integrate the training techniques into your everyday routine with your dog in order to achieve the desired behaviors. As one astute client put it, “I have to…be consistent and ready to train at all times, not just when the mood strikes. I appreciate the help and do realize the results I want will only be achieved if I am willing to put in the effort.” I am available at any point after our session to answer any questions you might have via phone, text or email.

I also can design and implement extended sessions for basic obedience. After an initial consultation, additional sessions will be discounted depending upon how many are needed.

Please call or email for pricing or additional information.